Monthly Archives: July 2012

Even in the face of Aurora, we are not helpless

Another shooting rampage, this time in Aurora, Colorado.

Another evangelical Christian, this time Jerry Newcombe of Truth In Action, making the statement that non- Christian victims of the shooting are going to “a terrible place.”

Before we all get incensed at such an incredibly unfeeling, uncaring comment, not to mention perspective (Ok, maybe after we blown off some steam about it!), I’d like to offer a quick thought.

The press is on the lookout for idiots like this, and will always provide them a platform when this sort of stupidity takes place.

I’m NOT saying the press is “out to get Christianity” or Christians. However, they ARE in the business of selling papers, advertising space, advertising time, etc., and quoting idiots like this will help them toward that goal.

How do we respond? Get to know your local reporters; write letters to the editor of your local paper; call in to the local talk radio show and provide a different (more reasoned, more compassionate) perspective to counter the usual rhetoric which is shouted from these platforms.

Remember, we are not helpless! We have Good News to proclaim and live out, which is (obviously!) desperately needed!