Once Again, God is Being Used

Saw this pic the other day.


There is so much wrong with this picture, the mind boggles.

But I don’t want to start listing what’s wrong, because A) I’lll be here all night, B) you already know what’s wrong with it, and C) I’ll never get to the point of this little tirade!

So.  Here’s the point of this little tirade:

Too much of the Church has sold its soul.

It has given up faith so it can have certainty.  It has given up Jesus so it can have Caesar.  It has given up the cross so it can have comfort, and suffering so it can have luxury.

And the t-shirt shows that it has given up trust so it can have proof, proof that it is right, always right, forever and eternally right.  About all things, for all time.

Those who have said such things in response to the horror in Newtown, Connecticut (and there have been far too many!), are trying to say, “I told you so” to a world which no longer takes them seriously.

Their complete and utter disregard for the parents, brothers, sisters, friends, teachers and neighbours of those who were killed in Newtown, as well as the grief-stricken people around the world, is, for me, not proof of their “rightness,” but proof of their pathetic desperation.

And it reveals what is really going on.

It reveals that their “Pro Life” speeches are not about the un-born, but about their own desire for control over others.

It reveals that their “anti gay” signs are not about some kind of moral purity, but about their own need to have their own way at the expense of others.

It reveals that their “Keep Christ in Christmas” campaigns are not about Jesus, but are about their own craving to set the agenda for everyone else.

The church has turned its back on its God-given mission, its God-given Gospel, its God-given Saviour…, and sold it all for a mess of pottage.

And we wonder why we aren’t being taken seriously.


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