Water Creed

I believe in almighty God,
Creator and Divider of waters:
Salt and fresh,
Running and still,
Falling and frozen and fog;
Holy liquid, without which we would not be.

I believe in Jesus, the Christ,
Holy Child of God,
who was infused by the Spirit into the waters of creation,
who was nurtured and grown in Mary’s womb-water,
who entered the river-water with John,
who restored the storm-water to calm,
and who shared living-water with the woman at the well.

This was the One
who was condemned by the political sea-scape of the day,
whose blood-water was spilled on the cross,
whose breath-water was released back to God,
and who was placed in the ground to return his life-water to the earth.
But who, after three waterless, lifeless days, returned,
splashing us with heavenly identity
and holy promise.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
who hovered over the waters,
who pours God’s very self into us,
who unites us with each other in the regenerating flow of love,
who restores our parched souls with reconciliation,
who promises life,
and who pledges that we will never be thirsty again.


(Feel free to use in any appropriate setting. I just ask that you let me know! Thanks.)

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