Welcome to Vigil

The following was used as the opening to a Vigil held at Zion Lutheran Church in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia on Sunday, March 17, 2019.

Our community was distressed by the slaughter of innocent worshippers in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand, and we felt the need to gather and express our grief and anger publicly.

Our vigil was held two days after the attacks, and involved people of different faith traditions and no faith tradition.

It was a holy time.

We began with lighting a candle, and then reading this responsively.

May you find it helpful.

(Permission is granted to use this in any kind of similar gathering. I only ask that you let me know. Thanks.)



L – Welcome, all who mourn the senseless slaughter of innocent people.

C – We come with tears.

L – Welcome, all who are angry at platitudes and intentional inaction.

C – We come with rage.

L – Welcome, all who feel helpless in the face of such hatred.

C – We come with emptiness.

L – Welcome, all who insist that something must be done.

C – We come with determination.

L – Welcome, all who care so much it hurts.

C – We come with grief.

L – Welcome, all who who are numb.

C – We come desiring life.

L – Whatever you feel, whatever you think, whatever you believe, whoever you are, you are welcome here.

C – All are welcome.


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