About Me

Hi all.

This Blog is for random thoughts, insights, questions, comments, etc., which spring to mind at various, unpredictable times.

Many will be of a theological nature, as I wrestle with what it means for me to follow Jesus in the 21st century.

Some will be political, since Jesus was (and is!) political.  And so am I!

And some will probably make no sense whatsoever. Kinda like life!

Enjoy. Respond. Think. Reflect. Get mad. Wonder. Ask.

It’s all good.

FYI – I have another WordPress Blog which I call “Biblical Depression.”  That one is a bit more focussed, topic-wise.

Thanks for taking a look.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Al Naverud

    Adapted from your Lent 2 prayer. Thanks!

    Looking to God for rebirth, reconciliation, hope and direction, we offer our prayers for the world God loves, the Church God calls, and for all in need, saying, “Hear us, O God,” and responding,
    “Your mercy is great.”

    Hear us, O God
    Your mercy is Great

    [Short pause]

    God of life, God of the journey, you have promised to be with us on the way, regardless of our route, regardless of our wrong turns, regardless of our destination.
    [Short pause]

    Give us faith to walk with you to wherever You would have us be, so that we may be born anew.
    Hear us, O God, Your mercy is great.

    God of life, God of the journey, you called old Abraham to move his entire life and be a blessing to the nations. Today the nations are fraught with strife and turmoil. We think especially of Ukraine and Syria and Afghanistan, but violence, oppression and exile pervade our world driven by long standing animosities, climate change, ideology, imperialism, ignorance and greed. From whence will our help come?
    [Short pause]

    Oh Lord, You who made heaven and earth, help us! Give wisdom and courage to those who lead, give hope and protection to those who face evil and death. Raise up your people to bless the nations with your transforming presence.
    Hear us, O God, Your mercy is great.

    God of life, God of the journey, you accompany us wherever we go and with those who touch our lives along the way. We thank you for turning points in our lives, when we have acted to step out in faith: [Short pause]

    We give thanks for the marriage of….

    We thank you also for the encouragement of other’s faithfulness including the example of our brothers and sisters at Church of the Resurrection and Church of the Redeemer in Toronto: feeding hungry neighbours, sheltering them, befriending them, advocating for them. Use us to share your concern, your compassion, your presence and your promise with those who are on the road with us.
    Hear us, O God, Your mercy is great.

    God of life, God of the journey, you walk with your church in this world. Bless the ministries of all your people— especially here Fenelon Falls and Coboconk, in this diocese and in the Diocese of Quebec and the the Diocese of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario—that by our faithful service and your abiding presence all may be born anew in hope, reconciliation and freedom.
    [Short pause]

    Give us and our leadership, especially: Susan, Ted, Linda, Colin, Fred and Justin the faith to trust, and the courage to respond to your call and step out from familiar paths so that we may bless the nations by our lives of faithful witness.
    Hear us, O God, Your mercy is great.

    God of life, God of the journey, nothing separates us from your care. Be with those who need of our prayers, whom we name before you today:
    [Short pause]

    Those who are ill,

    Those who are in need,

    Those who face adversity

    Assist us to reach out to those who are sick, shut-in, lonely, bereaved, facing death. Help those who need employment, those who are outcast, those who are addicted to destructive behaviour, that all may know your love and be born anew.
    Hear us, O God, Your mercy is great.

    We offer all these prayers, as well as the deep yearnings of our hearts, to you, gracious and merciful God, in the name of Jesus.
    Based on Rick Pryce’s Lent 2, 2014 Prayers from his Blog.


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