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Saying No to Yes.001

Just a little silliness to start the week.

Have fun!


Ready or not….

I think God is playing Hide and Seek with us.

I really do.

And I’m thinking that God is the one who is hiding.

But I’m becoming more and more convinced that God is not hiding in the church’s choir stalls, or fellowship halls, or Sunday school rooms, or even in our sanctuaries.

Nor is God hiding in our committees, or our fellowship events, or our fundraisers, or our Bible studies and prayer groups.

And yes, I’ll say it: God is not even hiding in our worship or our prayers, our sermons or our singing, our confession or our communion, our altar calls or our devotions.

I think God is hiding outside.

Outside in plain sight.

On the street corners, in the coffee shops, in the neighbourhoods and factories, in the schools and town halls.

In jails and hospitals, in band stands and town squares, in overloaded refugee boats and food banks and pawn shops.

God is hiding in tattoo parlours and crack dens, in unemployments lines and politician’s  offices, in libraries and liquor stores, in restaurants and restrooms.

If we do not start there, outside, where God is truly hiding, we will never really see God in our churches, or our Mosques, or our Temples, or our sacred glades.

And certainly not in the person gazing at us in the mirror.

If we are not aware of God hiding in the people and interactions around us, if we don’t look for God OUT THERE…,

then all the divine revelations and ecstatic experiences and theological understandings and meditative discernments and inspired insights in the world will add up to absolutely nothing.

I think the best thing we can do is finally stop counting, finally open our eyes, and finally call out, “Ready or not, here I come.”

And start looking.