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Prayer of the People for the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, July 2, 2017

Filled with promise, empowered by love, and inspired by hope, we offer our prayers for the world, the church, and all in any need.

[Short pause]

God of creation, for our planet home, and for the resources it provides, we offer our thanks.  For the abuse of this good gift which we perpetuate, we ask forgiveness.  For the wisdom and courage to change direction, we ask your guidance and strength.  God of justice,
Hear our prayer.

God of the nations, for the
Aboriginal people of this LAND/AREA/REGION,
(e.g. Mi’kmaq people, first to inhabit this unceded and unsurrendered territory);
for their continuing presence among us, and for their witness to another way of being in the world, we give thanks.  For the oppression and continuing neglect of them to which your church has been party, we ask forgiveness.  For an increased desire and ability to work for right relationships between all people, we ask your inspiration.  God of justice,
Hear our prayer.

God of this nation, for 150 years of struggle, for immigrants from everywhere who have enriched this mosaic country, for the Parliamentary system of government which gives us a voice, we give thanks.  For the abuse of power which comes so easily to all of us, for self-serving priorities which demand that others make the sacrifices, and for turning a blind eye to thousands of years of history which came before Canada, we ask forgiveness.  For the willingness to examine ourselves, and for the openness to welcome other voices, we ask for your grace.  God of justice,
Hear our prayer.

God of the poor, for the resilience you give to single parents who continue to get up in the morning, for the hope that miraculously springs from the dry ground of chronic unemployment, and for the determination to make a difference that you inspire in the most unlikely corners, we give thanks.  For our acceptance of the status quo, and our avoidance of hard questions and difficult answers, we ask forgiveness.  That we may embrace the discomfort of giving up our privilege for the sake of each other, we ask for increased faith.  God of justice,
Hear our prayer.

God of the church, for the promise of your good intentions for this good creation, for the story of your oppressed people freed by your outstretched hand, for the coming of Jesus who lived your presence in the midst of an occupied and exploited nation, we give you thanks.  Acknowledging that we have too often sided with the rich and powerful for our own benefit, regardless of the cost to those we are sent to serve, we ask forgiveness.  That we may cling to your promise that repentance is possible, we ask your help.  God of justice,
Hear our prayer.

God of our days, we give thanks for your presence among us.  Open our ears to hear your call, open our hearts to love more fully, and open our hands to share the abundance of your gifts.  Keep us on the path toward the world you envision.  We pray all this in the name of Jesus, the Christ.