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Terror at Sandy Hook School


And again.

And yet again.

Dead children.  Grieving parents.  Incredulous friends, A stunned community.

My Facebook page is filling up with calls for prayers for the victims. Prayers for the families.  Prayers for the first-responders.

One even asked for prayers for the perpetrator, and all who see violence as the only option, or at least a viable option.

I certainly do not disagree with this call to prayer. In times like these, it is a good and holy thing to do. We need to touch base with our core. We need to re-centre ourselves. We need to remember that the horror we feel is justified. We need to recall that God is in the middle of the pain, suffering as much as any of us.

But there is something else we need to do, and the sooner we get on with it, the better for all of us.

We need to get mad.

We need to get angry!

We need to get completely pissed off!!

We need to start standing up and screaming, “This is no longer acceptable!”

We need to stand up to the bullies in the NRA and the thugs at the ALEC and the gun manufacturers and ammo makers and the fear mongers and the politicians who act as their protectors and the commentators who act as their mouthpieces.

We need to name them for the terrorists they are.

We need to finally acknowledge that this is about so much more than one deranged 20 year old.

This is about a nation which has lost track of everything that matters.  This is about a culture which raises up violence and war as ultimate goods.  This is about an economy based on easy income (and nothing brings in more easy income that weapons).  This is about a political system which has caved in to money.  This is about a national mythology which perpetuates the lie of redemptive violence. This is about an entertainment industry which actively works to undermine our ability to think. This is about a fundamentalist approach to the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This is about the egos of gun owners.  This is about the expendability of fathers and mothers and children and brothers and sisters and everyone else.

And it’s got to stop.

Damn it, it’s got to stop! Now.

We are not helpless. We are not small. We are not isolated. We are not too far away.

But we’ve got to move.

We’ve got to come together.

We’ve got to claim the nation back.

Because if we don’t, it will continue to happen.


And again.

And yet again.